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FROM 27th JUNE 2024

Opening hours – Our phone lines will be open every day from 8:30am-12:30pm
and then again from 2:00pm-6:00pm. Appointments can be booked through the
new telephone system, or via an econsult but not through the front reception

Triage system – In line with government guidance, we are launching a new
telephone-based triage system with appointments bookable on the day.
There will be no need for an 8.30am rush to the phone as appointments will be
released throughout the day in time order. All requests will be passed through
the triage clinician and appointments will be offered at the time of the call, if
deemed appropriate.
As appointments are released on the day please do not phone to request an
appointment if you are not available to attend that same day, unless you have
been asked to do so by a clinician.

Econsult – Patients will also be able to submit a request via econsult for both
clinical appointments or an admin query, such as results or fit notes. There will
be limited availability for econsults each day, but you will be informed when we
reach capacity if attempting to complete a request. Econsult will then re-open
the following day.

Administrative staff – we would appreciate your respect and understanding
when contacting the practice as our admin staff will need to ask you questions
about your ailment for the clinician to assess your needs in an appropriate
timescale. The clinician will be sat with the admin team at the time of your call.
Patients may be redirected to other service providers if appropriate. These can
include local pharmacies, LIVI, minor injury units and in more urgent a A&E.

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eConsult - important notice

Please see the information below before submitting an eConsult

eConsults can not be accepted for mental health problems.
Please contact the surgery on 266 5246 to make an appointment.

Fit Note requests can only be accepted via eConsult for problems already discussed with a clinician. If it is a new period of sickness and you have not seen or discussed this with a clinician, please contact the surgery on 266 5246 to make an appointment.

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